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Watson Analytics

Better business understanding

Watson Analytics jumpstarts your analysis because the data steps are automated to accelerate your ability to get to the answers you’re seeking. You start off with a visual story that illustrates what you need to know. Instead of fumbling over data or searching for answers, you simply type in what you would like to see. Watson Analytics produces comprehensive results that explain why things happened and what’s likely to happen, all in familiar terms. And as you interact with the results, you can continuously fine-tune your questions to get to the heart of the matter.

Brilliant stories

Watson Analytics not only takes you through your data to uncover hidden patterns and relationships, but it also recommends the visualizations that illustrate them the

most effectively and brilliantly. Having the right visualization can make the difference between seizing the right opportunity and making a sketchy decision. You can use these visualizations to create infographics that advance understanding and communication and spur the right action.

Guided analytics

With Watson Analytics, making decisions, anticipating outcomes and taking action can now be essential, daily and interesting activities. Watson Analytics uses predictive analytics to uncover the most relevant facts and reveal unforeseen patterns and relationships. It helps you draw the correct conclusions based not only on what’s happened, but what’s likely to happen next. This sparks the right questions to ask and directs your attention to new and exciting opportunities.

Start anywhere, and let your curiosity take you wherever you want to go. Watson Analytics suggests what you might want to do next, progressively introducing additional capabilities you might find useful for gaining an even deeper understanding of your business.