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Imperium iSight™

Imperium Legacy Technology is a technology firm that takes an “enterprise” approach to the development and implementation of our solutions.  The Imperium iSight™ Analytics Suite includes the Cognos Business Intelligence Family of solutions and IBM Watson.

Cognos Business Intelligence and Analytics

The Cognos family can put analytics into the hands of everyone who needs it to drive better business outcomes. Right-sized for individuals, workgroups or enterprises, each family member offers BI and performance management to address your company’s needs.

From individuals who want the freedom of desktop analytics, to workgroups who need to be up and running quickly, to enterprises requiring extensive analytics capabilities, the software in the Cognos family provides insight to action with every product. You can address the full range of your analytics needs with any product in the family. Because all members of the family use a common architectural foundation, you can add more features and functions, extend your capabilities and expand the number of users, all without disrupting the business.

The members of the Cognos family include:

  IBM Cognos Insight

Individuals and small businesses who want the freedom and flexibility of desktop analytics can work independently with BI and performance management content and then publish so it is available to the enterprise.

   IBM Cognos Express

Midsize businesses, departments and workgroups can be up and running fast with analysis, visualization, reporting and    planning modules that are easier to install and manage.

  IBM Cognos Enterprise

Organizations who need to meet strategic objectives that span multiple functions, levels and business units can take advantage of fully functional BI and performance management software that can handle hundreds and thousands of users.

Underpinned by the power of IBM Cognos TM1® software, the family is designed to move seamlessly from Cognos Insight to Cognos Express to Cognos Enterprise as the needs of your company dictate.

IBM Watson-Cognitive Analytics

Better  business understanding

Watson Analytics jumpstarts your analysis because the data steps are automated to accelerate your ability to get to the answers you’re seeking. You start off with a visual story that illustrates what you need to know. Instead of fumbling over data or searching for answers, you simply type in what you would like to see. Watson Analytics produces comprehensive results that explain why things happened and what’s likely to happen, all in familiar terms. And as you interact with the results, you can continuously fine-tune your questions to get to the heart of the matter.

Brilliant stories

Watson Analytics not only takes you through your data to uncover hidden patterns and relationships, but it also recommends the visualizations that illustrate them the most effectively and brilliantly. Having the right visualization can make the difference between seizing the right opportunity and making a sketchy decision. You can use these visualizations to create infographics that advance understanding and communication and spur the right action.

Guided analytics

With Watson Analytics, making decisions, anticipating outcomes and taking action can now be essential, daily and interesting activities. Watson Analytics uses predictive analytics to uncover the most relevant facts and reveal unforeseen patterns and relationships. It helps you draw the correct conclusions based not only on what’s happened, but what’s likely to happen next. This sparks the right questions to ask and directs your attention to new and exciting opportunities. Start anywhere, and let your curiosity take you wherever you want to go. Watson Analytics suggests what you might want to do next, progressively introducing additional capabilities you might find useful for gaining an even deeper understanding of your business.

Answers and actions for your area of the  business

With Watson Analytics, you can conduct the kind of advanced analysis that had previously been limited to highly skilled analysts such as statisticians, data miners and data scientists. No matter where you are in your organization, you can use Watson Analytics to discover insights, answer questions and take action. Here are some examples.


If you’re in marketing, Watson Analytics can help you prioritize leads, increase conversions and plan campaigns. You can target leads and prospects with a higher likelihood of becoming a sale. Discover the attributes of your most profitable customers and predict how customers might respond to a campaign. Efficient targeting can lead to lower costs.


If your responsibilities include identifying leads and closing deals to increase revenue, Watson Analytics can help you with win and loss prediction and customer retention. Predict with confidence which deals have the highest chance of closing.  Allocate resources more effectively for more predictable performance. Target customers most at risk of leaving with actions that can convince them to stay


If your operations responsibilities include warranties, Watson Analytics can help you with warranty claims analysis. Detect problems that might otherwise be ignored or missed or possible claims fraud. By identifying warranty-related issues and determining which combinations of variables cause failures or by catching fraud early, you can prevent significant, costly problems. As a result, you can increase the effectiveness of your claims and warranty department and enhance supplier relationships.

Human resources

If your HR responsibilities include employee retention, Watson Analytics can help you with attrition and retention analysis. Uncover the factors that lead to employee attrition and use them to predict who is at risk, intervene and take appropriate action. In addition, you can create new programs that increase employee satisfaction.


If your IT responsibilities include the help desk, Watson Analytics can help you with help desk case analysis. Analyze the IT help desk tickets in your organization. See how long tickets have been open and what the average response time is. Understand what causes high priority tickets.

Use this information to determine how to allocate resources to resolve tickets faster.


If your responsibilities include predictive revenue forecasting, profitability modeling and headcount planning,

Watson Analytics can help you. You can use Watson Analytics for accounts receivable by analyzing who is most likely to pay and why and target those customers. You can use sales pipeline analysis to forecast revenue and customer data analysis to determine the effect of customer retention and loss on revenue and profits.