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Strategic Technical Resources

Imperium Legacy Technology partners with several experienced Implementation and Technology Services consultancies, ILT Strategic Services Team™ . The ILT Strategic Services Team™ offers comprehensive information management services that meet the demands of government Program Managers and CIOs. We combine our understanding of your IT requirements with knowledge and expertise in applying leading edge solutions to complex problems, such as:

  • Extending the life of legacy systems
  • Inefficient IT processes, hardware, and systems
  • Budgetary limitations straining IT support requirements
  • Potential loss of revenue or entire business due to a natural or man-made disaster
Our Strategic Team offers a broad range of solutions

IT Managed Services

Full-time or part-time, replacing or supplementing your current IT staff, we provide the right IT professional with the right capabilities at the right time, either on-site or off-site, to deliver significant cost savings through decreased outside consulting fees, staff overhead costs, IT training expenses, and flexible service models to meet your budgetary constraints

Enterprise-Level IT Audits and Recommendations for Increased Efficiencies

Performing a complete technical audit of your IT equipment, network, security, and processes and mapped with a thorough understanding of your near and long-term requirements, our consultants deliver a tailored approach to meeting your needs in both a timely and cost-efficient manner

Software and Application Development

Custom software solutions that work independently or in conjunction with COTS products, developed using a CMMI-compliant SDLC methodology

Continuity-of-Operations and Disaster Recovery Planning, Design, and Implementation – From implementing simple back-up solutions to designing, installing, and maintaining geographically remote offices and data recovery sites

Document Management Solutions

Supporting your migration from paper-based processes to electronic document storage to reduce your physical storage needs and allow each workflow step to become a potential efficiency evaluation metric point

The ILT Strategic Services Team™ also offers:

  • Software development, integration and maintenance
  • Hardware
  • Networking integration, management and maintenance
  • Information security (IS)
  • IT management consultants
  • Mobile services
  • Web applications